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Strategic & Music Survey

October 2020


Sample and basis of this report
The results here are based mostly on the post-summer 2020 sample. Because the May sample and meeting was postponed and this period is based on a ‘double’ sample from September - and in most results added to the rolling result from February … There are some changes to the questionnaire focussing on programming changes made at the beginning of 2020.

The sample is based on all people aged 14-59

Key Results:

Summary: Life Radio:
Most of the results here are based on the 900 total sample - the latest result shows some small changes, however the bigger sample provides more confidence in the trends.

The top line results show little movement for Life Radio however beneath that, there has been quite a lot of development since the last result.

The battle ground focusses on the 25-44 female audience, Life Radio holds its ground here with small declines in female listening and a small rise among males. Digging behind these numbers shows the reason for this. Ö3 maintains its overall market lead - dominating morning show listening and daytime music periods. However the numbers are also impacted by noticeable gains by Krone Hit Radio - this improvement is mirrored in better music association for mainstream-pop and pop-dance.

The broader adult (25-54) female music preferences are still spread .. although focussing on a contemporary music centre - older music now includes 2000s and 90s more than 80s.

Male music preferences are still more driven by older (80/90) than by current pop

Morning Show listening and Morning Show content remains a key issue for Life Radio. Since the change in the presenter team there are signs of improvement among the station’s cume - however this has not impacted on the market generally.

The strength of the Ö3 morning show remains apparent throughout these results, however there does seem to have been some movement for Krone Hit Radio. While the gains for Krone Hit here are fuelled by music appeal, the morning show has also gained some share as well.

The positives throughout this report are that Life Radio consolidates its ownership and positioning around the ‘music mix’ position, this comes through in both music montages and in slogan association .. the appeal of Life Radio is centred in the 35-44 age group - younger groups have more interest in contemporary music and this is where Life Radio still needs to strengthen its position.

The need for ‘variety’ and a music mix are still very strong among adult listeners in general and the Life Radio target, the point is how clearly Life Radio can focus both the messaging and its programming to generate more change momentum.