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Life Radio Research Report

February 2020

Key Results:

Life Radio:
As expected, there is little substantial change in these latest results, however results for Life Radio are positive. There has also been growth for Krone Hit as it seems that the station is attempting to broaden its music appeal to older listeners.

WHK remains stable compared to the last result
Marktanteil is slightly better with improvement in the 25-34 age group
Heavy (2+) listener share is also better and is now around 20%

Conversion remains low at 36% largely because of an underperforming morning show and as a result making it more difficult to dominate share, especially during the day.

The age (WHK) profile for Life Radio is still centred in 25-44 however on these results listening share (Marktanteile) improves with a more even 25-44 profile.

Overall and morning show listening is still dominated by Ö3 - as a result most related images are also dominated by Ö3.

Other Stations:

While Ö3 is still the dominant station the individual monthly results show a better result for Ö3 in November - the latest result is back at the previous (October) level which means that a number of results for Ö3 are a little lower.

Ö3 still dominates morning show listening and images - what is interesting however is that the station has a dominant position for traffic and weather - both of these are very high on ‘importance’ for listeners in the Life Radio target.

Music images and associations for Ö3 remain broad however Life Radio is in a relatively good position relative to Ö3 for ‘mix’, 90s and 80s music.

Krone Hit
Increases for Krone in November are still consistently in these latests results. Krone competes most directly with Ö3 as the choice for new music, current hits (hits from today) Morning Show appeal is growing among the 14-34 age group.

Radio Arabella
Results for Radio Arabella are stable - the station has an older profile and images are strongest among 50+ listeners. Growth by Radio Austria is likely to impact Radio Arabella more than Life Radio.