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Strategic & Music Survey

January 2021

Full results are based on a sample of 1000
Results in January 2021 showed a substantial drop for Life Radio compared to the previous results from the period October-November 2020. On the rolling sample results show a small increase for Life Radio in most measures - however the individual monthly samples show a much stronger recovery for Life Radio and highlight the poor result from January. By itself, this latest result shows a much stronger trend for the station.

Morning Show listening shows a (generally) positive trend for Life Radio - with declining share for Ö3, however the gender splits in target also show that Ö3 holds or increases female share as male shares continue to fall.

Overall however Life Radio is a clear #2 in the market based on this 14-59 sample. Ö2's older audience is not really represented in the TOTALsample throughout these results.

Because of the sample size difference, and a shorter questionnaire this is a shorter report.

Sample and basis of this report
There is a new sample based on this shortened questionnaire. The most recent results are based on 400 people surveyed during late May and early June.

There will be two sets of results used here:
1. Rolling results incorporating the January 2021 together with these latest results sample (1000)
2. The latest sample (400) compared to other single samples - normally around 600 responses

The sample is based on all people aged 14-59

Key Results:

Summary: Life Radio:
Results for Life Radio are positive with gains in morning show listening and images. While the market is stil dominated by Ö3 in most areas, there has been a change in images and perceptions of Life Radio throughout these results.

The poor January - February sample means that the Life Radio trend in the rolling results is still very modest. However the individual months do show a much stronger gain for the station in the past month compared to the start of the year.

Music images are also improving - however while this is very noticeable among the result s for the station's cume, the total market results only show relatively minor changes.

The age profile places Life Radio in the adult 25-54 age group and this is the main group that these results focus on. lnterestingly the changes in 03 programming continue to show a widening gap between female share - this is growing and male shares which are falling.

One important point to note however is that the loss of male share is less apparent in the morning show shares and images (probably held up by personality appeal and information?) its the daytime where these trends become most apparent - as Ö3 has dropped older music??

Both Life Radio and Arabella benefit.

While changes are visible for Ö3 the station remains powerful, dominating cume and share in age groups up to 45. In part stations like Life Radio and Krone hit lack the market heritage and 'firepower' to really challenge the dominance of Ö3 at this point, however there are a number of results where the gap is closing.

Krone Hit
Krone Hit is lower overall here which does give Life Radio more space in the market - however there is one result that does look concerning - Krone Hit has good female shares in the daytime and this is making things more difficult for Life Radio. Some further analysis of this is needed - however the samples here, while robust are not particularly large.

There is little change for Radio Arabella or for most others, including Radio Austria in these results.