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Strategic & Content Survey

October 2022

Survey comparisons
This is an online survey comparable to previous samples conducted over the past few years. Common questions are tracked and trended here. There are no music montages tested, however music importance and images are included and ranked.

On-air content is tested in a number of ways:
• 'opinion' in the Q&A section
• Listening examples tracked in 'real time' listening

The full sample for this survey is 768 people aged 14-59 weighted and balanced by age, gender and area but 'common' questions (questions previously asked) are tracked and trended with a 'rolling' sample (n=1568)

Key Results:


Life Radio - Key takeouts

  • In general there is an overall gain for Life Radio, while TOTAL WHK remains steady, there is growth in overall listening share, in Morning Show and daytime dayparts.
  • The most important results here can be seen through the perspective of the station’s cume (WHK) - although changes among this group do not automatically influence the whole market (see statistics page 11). There are many positive trends in key measures with strong gains for Life Radio which adds momentum to the station.
  • Of the three main user groups, core(P1), secondary (P2) and WHK:
          • Core (P1) represents 16% of the 14-59 market. (Fans)
          • P2 listeners - 25% of the 14-59 market (users)
          • WHK - 44% of the total market (total listeners)
  • Therefore the station’s capacity to influence the total market without external advertising is limited.
  • Morning Show Share is higher than overall share i.e. the morning show provides a ‘premium’ for Life Radio. Morning Show share is continuing to improve. Listening share in ‘Music’ dayparts including workplace, are also improving but in many age groups are still around the station’s average.
  • Overall Share is higher in this period. In part due to Life Radio attracting more ‘heavy’ listeners (more than 2/4 hrs per day) in daytime and workplace listening.
  • The station’s WHK are increasingly positive about the station and trends on many of the key images associated with the station continue to improve.
  • While WHK images and listening is better, this does not influence overall market proportionately (see previous page) and gains in images don’t automatically increase overall performance.
  • One of the more notable result here is that the gains for Life Radio come more from males than females. On the face of it this seems odd, however there are a number of results here where male interest is greater than for females.
          • Hauptsache Hits appeals more to men
          • The growth in appeal for Life Radio’s Morning Show team comes more from males
          • Morning Show Benchmarks generally have stronger male than female appeal
  • The purpose of this survey is to understand the appeal and impact of shows and content on Life Radio, here are clear indication of both, measured in general questions and in audio examples tracked here. The conclusions are formed through combinations of various questions which ask about Life Radio and its programming these different ways.


WHK/cume shows a slow decline, however the station still dominates the market overall. While WHK is slightly lower, share of listening is unchanged. There are also indications that the Morning Show is losing some of its appeal - this is more noticeable among males however the station still dominates, so there is no direct fall in the Morning Show numbers.

Ö2 is also relatively stable - share is slightly lower but 60+ age groups are not included here and will make a significant difference for Ö2.

Krone Hit
Results for Krone Hit are steady. Overall, WHK is unchanged and similar to Life Radio but Krone Hit has a younger listener profile. Life Radio continues to track higher overall share than Krone Hit over the period 2019-2022.

While Krone morning show is steady, daytime shares are weaker.

Radio Arabella
Share is also flat, the station is still seen as the market’s 'oldie' station.

Radio Austria
Does not attract any significant numbers either in WHK or share. Overall WHK number are lower than one year ago.